"Traces" brings us to a reality that surrounds us but perhaps we have never raised the origin of the relationship between man and his best friend, the dog.
Since ancient times, man and dog have shared experiences and have evolved together. They have adapted to all kinds of situations and creating an increasingly large and complex relationship changes.
"Traces" is a show co-produced by the Affinity Foundation and the Prtoective Animal "EL COBIJO-Cañada Hermosa”



"Traces" makes a fun historical tour on this very special bond between two very different species.
We look for the traces of this old friendship, not to forget what road we have traveled together and imagine where we can take.
Dog and man can’t live without each other, so hopefully this story continue to give many more turns ...
By attending this show, you are working with Protective Society animals “EL COBIJO-Cañada Hermosa”