We have created a story in which the through exciting adventures of a little penguin, the everyday situations of the lives of parents and children are dealt with in a humorous way making this an ideal show for both schools and families.
In “Penguin” we broach the subject of the difficult situation which a young child faces when he suddenly has to share the affection and attention of his parents with a new member of the family.  Our “Dethroned prince” must overcome this test and realise that he has gained a friend for the rest of his life.
“Penguin” is a show for the infant public over 3 years of age and families alike.


    In the South Pole, one of the few places in the planet that is conserved in its most natural state, we meet the Penguins, those nice lovely little animals that with their clumsy elegant remind us so much of ourselves.  The “Penguin” Family, the characters of our story, live in enviable harmony: Papa Penguin goes fishing in the morning and looks alter the house in the afternoon; Mama Penguin looks after the house in the morning and goes fishing in the afternoon; and little Bobo does what he likes best: eats and plays all day long.
But something is about to change... Bobo is son the point of having an amazing adventure. Today his mummy and Daddy have told him he is going to have a little brother!